Regular maintenance of your vehicle not only ensures a longer life for your car but also a hassle-free journey with your car. Car maintenance is a massive problem in today’s life as nobody has the time to make sure the vehicle doesn’t have any significant issues, or to find out if the mechanic is overcharging you for a minute issue.

Technology makes it easier to maintain your vehicle and keep track of it in the long run. Here is a list of techniques that you can use to maintain your vehicle directly through an app.

  1. Mileage Tracking: The total odometer reading can be tracked easily through the app. If the user needs to find out the readings for a particular trip or trips, the app conveniently tracks the trips taken for you to look back at when you need to calculate the mileage. The app automatically generates statistics and graphical charts so that the user can easily see details of fuel economy and more.
  2. Service Reminders: The apps allow the user to organize the vehicle records that it uses to track and remind the user when they have to get their car serviced. This is helpful for people who do not have time to keep track of the service details. Getting the car serviced on time is an excellent way to keep the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Some apps offer information about the car services in a nearby area, along with user recommendations based on the car and its data.
  3. Expenses: The users can feed data regarding their fuel costs and the amount in the app itself. Updating the app frequently helps it keep a record of the fuel costs, and it then prepares statistics regarding the fuel use and filling up. This way, the users can find out how much fuel they need regularly, and they can manage and plan their expenses accordingly.
  4. Fuel: Apart from recording and estimating fuel usage and mileage, car maintenance apps are also customizable. The app tracks the vehicle’s fuel usage, the average consumption costs based on daily, monthly expenses, and so on. It allows the customers to keep track of other things such as fuel economy, gas prices, and pump totals. Some apps also find out the cheapest gas/fuel station for the users so that they can save up some extra money.
  5. GPS: The app uses the user’s phone’s inbuilt GPS to track the car’s current speed, the maximum speed, the average speed, direction, total distance travelled and displays them on the phone’s screen. The users can also customize the app by setting up speed limits and getting a notification or warning if the limit exceeds. This feature can prove to be useful for parents who are worried about their kids driving the car irresponsibly.
  6. Custom Reminders: Car maintenance apps have an additional feature where the users can customize their reminders. Instead of keeping service slips and post-it notes, the users can enter data that can be stored in the app for easy access and set reminders for updates and tasks to be done. This way, the users can set reminders for small jobs like changing the oil, tire rotations, getting the battery charged, etc.

Having a maintenance app is a convenient way for the owners to keep track of the activities related to the car, the fuel usage, the mileage and most importantly, car servicing. It would help users to maintain the quality of the vehicle, and also make its life more prolonged. Car maintenance apps come at meager prices, with better features in the paid version than the free version. Make sure you invest in one soon and keep your car healthy.


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