Every month, we see many users moving from aCar to Simply Auto, so we want to know why. Based on the comparison from user feedback and analysis, we have come up with the following information for you to decide on who is better and why.

First Impression

First and foremost comparison would be the ratings. Simply Auto comes with a 4.4 Rating on Google Play Store as compared to a meagre 2.5 Rating for aCar. Even though aCar has almost double the total downloads, it just fails to impress. The UI is outdated and looks like the developers have just given it up about two years back. Simply Auto, on the other hand, is continually improving the product by adding new features, bug fixes and addressing any concerns that the customers face.

Secondly, Simply Auto is available on both App Store and Play Store with the same functionality and behaviour. Our users can move from one device to another without worrying about any missing functionality or usability. This is a big plus when it comes to driver sharing data between family members or other business drivers. As much as this may seem trivial or implicit, it is not what you get when using aCar/Fuelly. Both the apps are miles apart with respect to usability and functionality.

What users have to Say

Nate Nadez

"This app works just like it should. After losing many years of my Fuelly/aCar data when I switched phones because their app is garbage, I found this and it does everything better."

Darren Thiessen

"Amazing app!👌 allowed me to effortlessly import from aCar! the only app that seemed to do so. I immediately purchased the upgrade. these guys rock!"

Anonymous User

"Great app! I used to use aCar which was also good, but I didn't like the lack of automatic backup options. Fuel Buddy does everything aCar did and auto syncs to my Google Drive account. Love it!"

Anonymous User

"Ran into issues with aCar, switched to this and I'm quite satisfied."

Let's Deep Dive

Vehicles :

When you first open Simply Auto, there is a default car already created for you which you can edit in your own time. You can quickly start adding your fill-ups and other details without wasting any time. In aCar however, you are not able to proceed without spending time to set up your vehicle.

Dashboard :

The dashboard screen gives a glance of your fill-ups, service or expense reminders, costs & spendings, efficiency etc. This powerful information is clearly lacking in the android app. While this is present in the iOS app, it lacks uniformity and continuity.

Expenses :

Every car requires certain ongoing expenditures like toll, parking, insurance. This is missing in the iOS app in Fuelly whereas Simply Auto comes with a pre-populated set of expenses for you to log. You can even schedule a reminder for recurring expenses like insurance in Simply Auto.

Trips/Mileage Logging :

Simply Auto again comes across as a well-rounded app as it also enables a user to log business mileage. Not only does it do such, it also provides the option to auto log the trips without having to record this manually every time. No such option is available in Fuelly.

While some feature is present on the android app, it's clearly missing on the iOS app and vice versa. Simply Auto emerges a clear winner as compared to half baked apps of Fuelly on ios and android.

Please contact support@simplyauto.app for more information or enquiry; you can directly download the app from google play store or App store. I hope you find it valuable and informative. Please share your views and feedback in the comments section. We will be glad to read it.


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