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We appreciate your exploration and interest to 'Write for us' as a Guest Blogger on the topics related to Automotive Industry, Car management, Tax Saving Tips, Fuel/Mileage Efficiency, Artificial Intelligence, Fleet Management, Fleet Maintenance,Tracking, and Smart Innovations. Ready to start writing?

Here are some writing criteria & guidelines:

  • Only original, unpublished work

    Please don’t submit articles already published on your website, personal blog, or elsewhere. Our team keeps a check on it – and if it’s not original, it’s not accepted. The piece should consist of 1500 or more words. Attach plagiarism report.

  • Fluent, readable, and error-free content

    Content must be well written and can be easy to understand. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings.Write in American English. Keep all the paragraphs short – 4 sentences at the maximum. Avoid using jargons. Add visuals – graphs, images, screenshots, videos, wherever required.Send the final article as a Google doc, making it easier for us to edit and give feedback.

  • We love Visuals and examples

    Visuals must be relevant to the point being covered. Visuals must be explained – we don’t wish to leave our readers confused. If you wish to include a video, provide us with its ‘embed’ link. All visuals must be of high quality – 830 × 460. All visuals must be sent to us in a ZIP file along with the piece

  • Don’t get all ‘commercial’ on us

    Please don’t include promotional content or links to your product or service. Content should be useful and compelling to the reader – not self-serving.

  • Backlinks

    We do not encourage guest post submission merely for backlinks. However, the backlinks are important and we understand that very well. That’s why we allow one do-follow link only in the author’s bio.

  • Author’s Bio

    The guest post will be published with Author Bio & Headshot, displays right below your post. That helps you spread your online presence.

If you think it’s a good fit, kindly fill up the given form. We will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps and any other requirements to take this collaboration further.

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