We all depend on our car/vehicle to take us places safely and securely for work or to run errands. A reliable car is a valuable asset for every individual. Hence, whether you're a professional fleet manager or simply a car owner, a vehicle logbook is crucial for everyone.

A vehicle logbook is nothing but a document where you record all the information about your vehicles (personal or business). This includes information such as the name of the car, purchase year, insurance information, fuel log, service logs and any other expenses performed on the car.

The conventional way of keeping a vehicle log is in the form of a physical book or in a spreadsheet where the owner would record all the details. A vehicle logbook is important because it speaks a lot about the health and upkeep of your car. This is also beneficial for both the owner and buyer during the resale of the car. Car owners list out the amount spent on car-services like air filter change, wheel alignment, tire pressure, battery change, etc. along with the date on which the service was done so that the owner can determine the upcoming or pending car services. Apart from the services, it helps keep the record of expenses incurred on the car. Many car owners also keep a record of fuel receipts and other documentation in the logbook to use them as proof while filing for tax deductions or reimbursements.

Using a logbook helps the owners determine the proper efficiency of every car that you own and compare efficiency based on routes, city vs highway and even fuel quality or filling stations.

But these logbooks and spreadsheets have a lot of limitations, they are cumbersome to manage if you have multiple cars or if you maintain it on your computer. More than often you end up forgetting to log your transactions and then soon everything starts going out of sync. Won't it be easy if we get our smartphone to do manage this kind of mundane task?

Simply Auto is one such easy yet powerful car maintenance app that every car enthusiast should have on his/her phone. It is available on both Android and iOS app stores. It offers great features that make it easier for anyone to use. It is highly rated on both stores and the customers love it. From just regular car owners to professional fleet managers use this app.

In the traditional method, one has to remember the date for an upcoming service but through the app, one gets service reminders as notifications, so the owner can get the vehicle serviced or renew your insurance before the due date.

One of the major advantages of vehicle logbook app is that it allows you to capture and upload multiple images of the receipts like fuel fill-ups, services, expenses etc. on the cloud server so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and there are no chances of losing the receipt like in the conventional logbook. Also, the app is compatible with any standard measuring system like km, miles, gallons, litres etc. which makes it easy to use for people from any part of the world.

When you share your car with other drivers in your family or business, the driver sync functionality helps them sync up their fill-ups immediately. With every log, all parameters and efficiency are updated, keeping users up to date across all devices.

Another great feature is the mileage tracker in the app which makes jobs of users who are looking for tax deductions for business very easy. The mileage tracker also comes with an auto-trip option where the app detects movement and records your trips. Your trips can be classified as business, personal or anything that you prefer and you can pull out your business trips for your tax deductions. In 2018, our users in the United States were able to save over $16 Million in mileage deductions.

On top of all these features, the app is eco-friendly as it does not require any paper, just cloud storage as compared to the traditional paper logbook. Also, the owner has the option of instantly generating various reports on the go or schedule them weekly or monthly to assess your fill-ups, mileage and expenses.

Due to all these features, one gets accurate results at a great convenience which makes this a must-have for everyone who cares about their car.


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