A road trip is an excuse to get away from the mundane life, say hello to a great adventure, a reason for friends and family to hit the road, spend time together and have lots of fun. Sounds exciting, isn't it? But before going on the road one should have a Road trip plan because sometimes having no plan or a bad plan can ruin the whole trip.

Here are some suggestions to plan your "perfect road trip":

  1. Decide a destination, plan your route and pit stops

    The first and foremost step for planning a road trip is the selection of destination. If it’s your first road trip as a driver, make sure the destination is not too far (like a cross country road trip). Don't forget to take into account the weather conditions at your destination and ensure that all the attractions, scenic views, and fun activities are functional.

    When it comes to planning the route, one can take the help of various tools and devices. Some people like to take scenic routes while others prefer highway roads. Highway roads may save time and money but the scenic view is what makes a road trip memorable. So plan your time accordingly.

  2. Assemble your Road trip squad

    The people with whom you’re going on a road trip matter a lot, because you will be stuck with them in your vehicle for a long time. So, choose your squad wisely. Group of best friends or close acquaintances with whom you connect well and are sure that they will support you in any situation should be your ideal squad.

    Discuss the road trip plan with them and make sure that everybody is on the same page so there will be no sour faces during the road trip. Make sure to have some flexibility in the plan to try new things that you may find during your awesome trip.

  3. Selection of your travel buddy — Your ride

    Some vehicles like convertibles, sports cars, small crossover SUV’s, etc. are suitable for road trips. If you have a large squad, SUV and minivans can be your go-to vehicle. Whichever vehicle you choose make sure that it is spacious enough for your companions to stretch out and have a comfortable ride. Take a look at the mileage log of the car to estimate the fuel mileage/ efficiency of the vehicle.

    If you don’t have any suitable vehicle, you may borrow from someone or rent it but make sure to check out various deals to compare and choose the best one. Book early if it is a long weekend so that you get to choose from more options and budget accordingly.

  4. Car Maintenance

    After you have selected your vehicle, get it serviced a few days before the road trip by your mechanic and make sure it is in the best possible condition to hit the road. If there are any upcoming services, its better you let the mechanic decide when it should be done. Examine every component of the vehicle like oil, coolant, windows, essential fluids, air coolant, battery, brake pad, suspension, engine, radiator hoses, spark plugs, ignition system, tires, etc. Also, don’t forget that extra tire is inflated and in good condition.

  5. Budgeting

    Always carry extra money during a road trip because there are always unplanned expenses during a road trip.

    Choose a high-efficiency vehicle for saving fuel because the cost of fuel has a big share of road trip expenses.

    Budgeting should be done beforehand and money should be available in both cash and card because cards may not work everywhere. Keep a track of who is spending how much and how expenses are needed to be split. Many apps nowadays make it super easy to track these like Splitwise.

  6. What to take on a Road trip?

    Get your road trip essentials a day before the road to avoid urgency and the most essential items to take a road trip include:

    • Real map and compass because Google maps don’t work everywhere.
    • A trash bag and laundry bag for organizing your waste and dirty clothes.
    • Board games, cards, portable speakers and other things for entertainment.
    • A multi-port USB charger, plenty of USB cables and power banks/ portable batteries are a lifesaver.
    • First aid kit in case of any injury (minor or major).
    • A good camera to capture and relive those amazing moments on the road trip.
    • The legal documentation like insurance, car papers, driver’s license, etc.
    • Refillable bottles and water jugs.
    • Hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
  7. Packing and Accommodation

    Implementing the packing methods that save space in the vehicle makes more room for the passengers, and also reduce the cost of fuel.

    One can either book the hotel in advance or on-the-go, although the former option makes your road trip a little rigid and the latter gives a chance to crash a better deal.

Driving tips

  • Take proper rest and sleep before the start of the journey.
  • Keep yourself hydrated during the trip.
  • Schedule stops for refueling, resting and eating at appropriate intervals.
  • Take turns to drive, if you have other fellow drivers.
  • Avoid driving at night as far as possible.

Some other tips

  • Fill up your vehicle in your city because you would know the best place to get the fuel at low cost.
  • Stay flexible because you'll discover new things as the journey proceeds, and the trip may not go as planned so don’t get stressed or worry too much about sticking to the plan.
  • Be responsible and be safe.
  • Wonderful music and a playlist of songs can make any road trip fun. Sing-along tunes, some of the latest hits, and trendy songs can be your jam on the road trip.

And don't forget to have a magnificent time.


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