Tebz loves the ease of data entry on Simply Auto

Tebz Go has been a user for over 6 years and is certainly very happy with Simply Auto app. He uses it to track fuel mileage, maintenance expenses, service reminders, mileage tracker.

"I can't recall exactly, but I believe I tried 3 apps and stuck with the 3rd until something no longer worked on it, and I found your app."-Tebz Go.

"Ease of data entry and logical presentation of data and options were things I distinctly remember liking."-Tebz Go.

Simply Auto team keeps on upgrading its features with its user's recommendations and ease to use. For us, our user's priority is a must.

"Tracking metrics and the service history as well the costings involved are hugely beneficial."-Tebz Go.

"I think it's great. Been very happy with it and am happy to recommend it. Good work. Two thumbs up! Very satisfied."-Tebz Go.