Simply Auto has improved Cody's driving habits

Cody Cole works in a manufacturing, warehouse management and material handling business. He started using Simply Auto after searching for an app to help him track and set maintenance reminders for two of his vehicles. He has been using SA for over four years to manage his vehicle's oil, filter, plugs and tire changes as well as track his mpg.

"Benefits I have had using Simply Auto are better driving habits for better MPG, always on time with filter changes and oil since setting reminders".- Cody Cole.

Simply Auto helps you keep a check on all your vehicles. From logging activities to setting reminders for services, sending reports or backing up data, Simply Auto does it all.

"The fact that this app had a functioning and accurate fuel economy calculator is why I went with Simply Auto. No other program or app I could find was as accurate or easy to use".- Cody Cole.

Mpg tracking and keeping a check on the oil status is his most used feature.

"Never had any problem with Simply Auto."- Cody Cole.