Read why Ron shifted from spreadsheets to Simply Auto

Ron Leenders uses Simply Auto to track his expenses, consumption of fuel, tax deduction benefits as well as his children's use of the car.

"The function to extract trips to excel helped me quickly translate the data into tax deduction support information for my tax returns."- Ron Leenders

Earlier, he used to track all his vehicle details in a spreadsheet. Now he uses Simply Auto to do the same.

"Normally I just use the "+" button for trips and fill-ups. Occasionally I check the litres/100km stats to see if they align with the car's meters. Otherwise, downloading a full tax year of trips to a spreadsheet, that I then add a few formulas too, to differentiate between personal & business mileage. - Ron Leenders.

He just needed the assistance of the support team once and they were able to resolve his issue quickly. Taking all these things into account, he has been extremely satisfied with the product and sees himself as a long term user.

"I am very satisfied with the app. I am used to its function and design; it has the features I need." - Ron Leenders.