Martin's favourite feature is the Graphs in Simply Auto

Martin Chovancik uses Simply Auto to manage his car. He was looking for an easy way to track fuel consumption and prices for his new vehicle, that's when he came across Simply Auto five years ago. He's been using Simply Auto ever since. His favourite feature has been the graphs, particularly the fuel price graph which he looks at to view the rise or fall in fuel prices.

"I like it for the stats (watching the fuel prices over time) and the ability to see how long since my last fill-up easily".
- Martin Chovancik

Martin uses the app, but the web interface has pleased him quite a bit as well. He plans to use the web interface extensively in the future. Fill-up tracking and consumption calculation is his most used feature. Simply Auto tracks maintain and records all the fill-up history along with the vehicle's consumption. This helps you keep an eye out for any fluctuations in efficiency.

"I only had to use Simply Auto support once, a long time ago. I am very satisfied with the app. Hasn't let me down yet".
- Martin Chovancik