Simply Auto Helps Mohamed Track Vehicle Costs

Simply Auto over the past five years has got a lot of users who are happy using Simply Auto in their day to day life, and one of our users named (Mohamed Abdel Fattah) has shared his experience after using it for over two years now. Let's dive into his experience with Simply Auto.

"I found simply Auto simple to use and specific not complex"- Mohamed Abdel Fattah.

Mohamed Abdel Fattah is an architectural engineer who uses his car to drive 80 km daily. Mohamed Abdel Fattah uses Simply Auto for personal use to track/manage his car's fuel consumption and service maintenance. Working and taking care of the details was more accessible from the App.

"Tried the App, loved it and purchased it"- Mohamed Abdel Fattah.

About Simply Auto:
Simply Auto is vehicle management which is used by an individual having one vehicle as well as a company having a fleet, helps in managing a car entirely by storing a vehicle's service, expense, fill-ups. Automatic trip logging is a feature which can help in checking what place and which location we went on a specific date.

About Simply Auto "I use fuel consumption and maintenance services so I can get remembered and track my costs."- Mohamed Abdel Fattah.

It tracks your vehicle's efficiency, fuel consumption, repair and maintenance detail also helps in a tax deduction, which can help you save some money.

"Tracking my fuel consumption so I can have some knowledge about my car mechanical situation. I can also have reminders about my car services which I always forget" -Mohamed Abdel Fattah.

There was a time Mohamad Abdel has switched phones and lost all his data; he was worried as he has been using Simply Auto for over two years now. He mailed us and also contacted us in our social handles; our support team looked into the matter and helped him in recovering all the lost data. Here what he said-

"I faced a problem before and was solved by the customer service very professionally."- Mohamed Abdel Fattah.